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I operate WebGrid, a Freeware site at http://www.webgrid.co.uk/. For some time now your myFavorites application has been listed on the site but I had never tested it until recently.

I really wish to commend you on an excellent product which has certainly saved me time during my weekly searches for new programs. Fast, easy to use and efficient! It is a credit to you and those who programmed it. Thank you.

Bob McKenzie

I think I have tried every bookmark manager available and "MyFavorites" is the only one I recommend and use. "MyFavorites" is easy to install and doesn't bring my computer to a screeching halt! As a college student and webmaster, I rely on the internet for research and bookmark everything. "MyFavorites" is perfect for organizing the links I use. Studying legal matters takes so much of my time and I don't want a product that I have to learn to use. With "MyFavorites" I was a pro in minutes!
Times are tough and Arcadia's response is to offer something for nothing! What a deal! Thanks Arcadia!

Rev. Cinnamon Roberts
President of ArizonaCommunity.com

I've recently discovered your fantastic software; now I can easily put in order my (very big) links collection, thanks!

Andrea M.

I use your program because it looks exactly like what I want.

Joan G.

My eldest daughter was preparing a History report as a school exercise. She ransacked the Internet and tracked down a ton of interesting links and materials, but she got totally lost after a few days because of the sheer number of links and references.

I suggested her to use myFavorites to help organize the mess, and it turned out to be the PERFECT solution!

Many thanks from my daughter! Super product!

Ilia D.


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