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Key Features

You will never lose the information you once found

Internet is ever changing and a yesterday’s link will not necessarily respond today. While traditional bookmark managers can store only the links, our software has breathed new life in this technology. Our myFavorites program allows to bring the ever changing world of the Net closer to you: now you can store and manage the Web pages of interest in their original form at your own computer. With our software, you will never lose the things you once found – and you will have them in exactly the same form in which they were found.

You can use myFavorites for reading news

myFavorites is now a news reader, which can connect to RSS sources and download news. After having been downloaded to your computer, the news articles become regular favorites, and you can read, preview, and manage them in the usual ways.

Edit, format, and comment on your citations at any time

By using the internal WYSIWYG editor, you can easily make changes in the content of your citations at any time. Edit the texts of the citations, change their formatting – text styles, div sizes, table dimensions, and the like – it’s all in your hands now.

Store citations in any language

Your citations can speak different languages. The pages stored in myFavorites look just the same as you saw them in the Microsoft Internet Explorer window. Thanks to the UNICODE support in myFavorites, letters and characters of different languages look correctly in all combinations.
Easily manageable data storage

myFavorites provides suitable and flexible tools for organizing your data. You can create separate branches with unlimited depth in your citations catalog tree, easily move, copy, or drag separate citations or groups of citations, or even folders with all their content to different locations. Finally, you can divide your data – for example, chronologically or thematically – in several files and store them separately. You also can merge different files or their branches to form a new file.

myFavorites tracks history

myFavorites stores a history of your path through the citations' tree. You can easily return to the folders you visited recently. The window, which appears when you select the command 'Add to myFavorites', also remembers in which file and in which folder you added a citation last time, so new ones are added instantly in the right place.

Export to Internet Explorer is available

myFavorites is able to import the favorites from Microsoft Internet Explorer, and it can also export your bookmarks to Internet Explorer's favorites. Use the tool that is best for the job, and move data back and forth seamlessly.

Share it with your friends

You can easily e-mail your citations – any branch of the tree – to anyone, using Microsoft Outlook. Simply choose the corresponding command from the application’s menu and the new message with the desired attachment will be prepared immediately.

Database files are now recognized by the file system

The installation program of myFavorites registers the database file of myFavorites. You can open the application by double clicking to the icon of the .myFavorites DB file — even if it is an attachment to an email message. You also can modify this external file and store your changes in it.

myFavorites carefully treats your data

myFavorites cares for your collected information. With our Setup program, you will never lose your data accidentally, even if you install and uninstall different versions of myFavorites in various combinations and under different user accounts. All the versions can work simultaneously and independently, storing their data in different locations. Our Setup always offers you to choose which data you would like to preserve and use.

Little pigeons can carry great messages

Thanks to the highly efficient programming techniques that were used to create myFavorites, our bookmark manager has incredibly small size, combined with the richest functionality. You can put your citations on one diskette, even together with myFavorites, or e-mail them as a harmless and small attachment. As you will see, myFavorites has much to offer, but asks for very little in terms of resources.


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