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myFavorites is an easy-to-use bookmark and Internet content collection manager. It not only stores URLs and titles — you can also add a comment to your bookmark, assign Importance to it, and even store a citation in HTML format from the favorite page. Easy ways of viewing, searching, and managing the stored information make myFavorites an irreplaceable tool for preparation of a report, article, summaries, and the like. See more...

myFavorites supports a multilingual content and is conveniently embedded into your Internet Explorer's toolbar. You can even use myFavorites for reading news from RSS sources!

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You can try myFavorites for 30 days before having to decide whether it is right for you. Other than the 30-day restriction, myFavorites is completely functional, so you can perform a thorough evaluation.

Your 30-day trial begins the first day you use myFavorites. Once the 30-day trial has expired, you can keep on using gathered citations but cannot create new citations and save any changes.

Package Parameters

Current version
Release date
March 15, 2004
Package size
313 KB (320,223 bytes)
Installed size
About 460 KB

Don't let the small size of myFavorites discourage you! In spite of its small download size, our bookmark manager contains prolific functionality, because we used highly efficient and optimized programming techniques for creating myFavorites.

System Requirements

Required operating system
Windows 98/ME,
Windows NT 4,
Windows 2000,
or Windows XP
Internet browser
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or Internet Explorer 5.5 with MS XML 3.0
Recommended processor
Intel or Intel compatible; 300 Mhz or higher

myFavorites has successfully passed the "Verified for Windows XP" testing and has confirmed that it provides a high quality computing experience on the Windows XP operating system. myFavorites is now a certified Windows XP compatible software.

myFavorites has been signed with certified digital signature from Thawte, Inc. and is no longer mis-interpreted by Norton Anti-Virus as "malicioius script".


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Bookmark Manager myFavorites was downloaded 16590 times since January 11, 2004

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«I operate WebGrid, a Freeware site at www.webgrid.co.uk. For some time now your myFavorites application has been listed on the site but I had never tested it until recently.

I really wish to commend you on an excellent product which has certainly saved me time during my weekly searches for new programs. Fast, easy to use and efficient! It is a credit to you and those who programmed it. Thank you.»

Bob McKenzie
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