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Arcadia, Inc. (www.offshore-software.ru) is a leading Russian offshore software development company based in St. Petersburg, Russia. We provide top-quality offshore software development and testing services to the international customers since 1993. Arcadia, Inc. is ISO 9001:2000 certified for software design, development, testing, and delivery.

Nowadays, when companies are considering where to outsource software development projects or where to test their software, we provide access to a vast pool of St. Petersburg's software development talent.

St. Petersburg is the technological center of the Russian Federation. Russian offshore software development industry emerged in St. Petersburg. The most advanced offshore software development companies of St. Petersburg united in the first Russian software development association "Fort-Ross". Arcadia is one of the founders of this association. Almost all software development companies-members of "Fort-Ross" are either ISO or CMM certified. They have established common processes and procedures for cooperative development of large complex software projects.

Arcadia's team with over 100 full-time developers and testers and a broad network of consultants and freelancers is successfully implementing numerous software development and testing projects and handling several Offshore Development Centers for our customers.

We have established our own recruitment agency Arcadia++ (www.itpersonnel.ru). Arcadia++ is servicing now both Russian and international software development companies. Arcadia++ easily finds software professionals in almost any area.

Arcadia has its own subsidiaries Ardin Software Oy (www.ardinsoftware.fi) in Vantaa, Finland, and Planet-Software, Inc. (www.planet-software.com) in Gainesville, FL, USA, which help to streamline our relationships with our customers and partners.


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