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Why myFavorites

Do you have a problem managing all your bookmarks?

Is THIS what your Internet Explorer Bookmarks look like NOW?
How is it possible to ever FIND anything in all this mess?
When you store entries using Internet Explorer's Favorites tool what most people do is just lump them all together like this. The 'ambitious' types of people may actually create folders and organize the links inside folders however, there's still something missing...
With Internet Explorer's Favorites tool, there is no way to 'annotate' or 'describe' each entry all you see is what's on the link.
There's got to be a better way right?
There is! It's called myFavorites!
Have you ever spent hours researching something only to discover you lost the links? With myFavorites, you'd never have that problem again!
Whether you're doing research on the Internet for an important project, or doing homework for school myFavorites gives you the fastest and easiest way to organize and store everything you find.
Get Organized with myFavorites!
Imagine! No more fumbling around trying to find 'lost links' no more forgetting details about exactly what each link was about! It's GREAT!
myFavorites takes all the work out of managing your important information found in the Internet and links to the sites - sources of this information.
With myFavorites, you can store parts of web pages, or the entire pages with all formatting intact. Of course, you will keep automatically the link to the source-site. But even if the web site vanishes tomorrow, you'll still have your copy as the citation in myFavorites!
Simply press Ctrl+A in the IE window and click with the right mouse button on the text selection, then select Add to myFavorites 2.
myFavorites helps you organize your citations hierarchically in folders, edit them, PLUS allows you to add comments to the citations So you have all links described in ways that are meaningful to YOU!
You can set levels of importance, Titles, and Categories to your Citations!
Powerful context search and sort functions blast you to exactly the right information and link when you need it;
How Does myFavorites Work?
myFavorites is no more difficult to use than your web browser. Once installed, it is accessible with a single click from your browser's toolbar selection area here...
Capturing your citations couldn't be easier!
Just select what you'd like to include from your web browser's window right-click and select "Add to myFavorites 2".
Want to copy the entire page? No problem! Just hit Ctrl+A in your browser window, right-click, and select "Add to myFavorites 2".
It's that easy!
myFavorites takes all the work out of managing your information and links you find on the Internet.
It helps you organize them quickly, conveniently and safely right on your own computer!
Never again will you need to worry about finding information and/or link that you spent hours to try and find the first time.
With myFavorites, all information you add will be collected, categorized and ready for instant use whenever and wherever you need it!
No matter which language you speak or work with, myFavorites will become your best friend!
myFavorites includes full UNICODE support, so whatever you see in your web browser, you can add to your myFavorites citations.
What's really amazing is that you can even EDIT the web pages you store by using the built-in WYSIWYG editor!
You can edit the text, change the formatting, set text styles, set font sizes, change table dimensions or whatever you like!
This is the perfect tool for collecting any type of web-based information!
myFavorites helps you gather information, organize information and annotate it!
After you've collected the data, what can you do with it?
Powerful, but Easy to Use!
myFavorites gives you exactly the tools you need to easily manage and organize your data.
With the myFavorites tree structure, you can create separate 'branches' of unlimited depth.
Branches may be stored together or in separate database files to help you control and manage your work.
Easily move, copy, or drag separate citations, groups of citations, or even folders with all their content to different locations. You also can merge different files or their branches to form a new file.
With just ONE CLICK from the Tools Menu, you can eMail part or all of your myFavorites collection to anyone!
How is myFavorites different than other 'Link Managers'?
myFavorites does something that no other link managers do and that is, actually stores detailed descriptions and citations for the web sites that you find. You not only manage the links in one place, but all the data associated with them!
Under the hood, myFavorites is a powerful data management tool and not just a simple 'link manager' at all.
myFavorites is so small and efficient that you can save the entire program PLUS a database containing thousands of citations on a single floppy diskette!

Why you need myFavorites?

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