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Links come and go — content stays.

Our Web content collection & bookmark manager is so small that it can be downloaded and installed on your computer faster than it takes to read this page...


More than just an advanced bookmark manager, myFavorites helps you store, organize and manage HTML content you find on the web with the click of a button! Unlike other bookmark managers, myFavorites stores not only the links, but a FULL HTML COPY of the page or parts of the page you select — in any language! Included is an HTML editor to quickly and easily mark-up and annotate the pages you collect with HTML formatted notes and comments. Even if the web site vanishes tomorrow -- your myFavorites copy will be safe and sound on your own computer!

myFavorites now includes an easy-to-use RSS Feed reader — browse, collect and annotate content from any RSS feeds as easily as you can with any other web document.

myFavorites installs seamlessly as an Internet Explorer add-on, and is available in a free, fully-functional 30-day trial version with on-line registration.

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Key features

With myFavorites you can:

Easily collect HTML citations or full content from the favorite Web pages
Save the citations, along with their links, titles, and dates
Supplement the citations with comments and ratings
Read news from RSS sources
Import favorites from Microsoft Internet Explorer to the myFavorites database
Export the whole database or any its branch to the Internet Explorer favorites
Export citations in XML format and e-mail them to a friend or colleague
Create and manage a tree-structured database

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How does it work?

Updating myFavorites database is very simple. With a single mouse click on a text selection on a web page, you can launch myFavorites, select the target folder for storing the new item, and save the new favorite on your computer.

Each favorite is stored together with the title of the referenced page, link to the referenced page, and the date of the favorite's creation. You can also add your comments to a favorite and assign a level of importance to it. All this information can be edited with the help of WYSIWYG editor before the favorite is saved or at any moment afterwards.

Bookmark manager myFavorites allows you to easily handle your data. You can:

drag single favorites or entire folders to other folders
preview all favorites in a folder or view the list of their titles
perform a content search in the whole database or any its branch
generate and print out HTML reports

You can import favorites from Microsoft Internet Explorer to the database and export the whole database or any its branch to the Internet Explorer favorites. myFavorites supports an unlimited number of databases and stores history and state for each database. In myFavorites, you can save any branch of a database as a separate database or add any stored database as a branch to the current database. You can e-mail a database to a friend via Microsoft Outlook directly from myFavorites.

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Forget the link. Keep the content.

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